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Hello and welcome to our page!

I’m happy to know that you are interested in choosing Work at Home Solutions as your Independent Business to work under with Arise. I’ve been with Arise (Melissa Adams) for almost 7 years now and I’ve enjoyed every minute of my work at home journey with them. Working from Home with Arise has allowed me the freedom and flexibility I’ve always dreamed of and my family benefits greatly from it. I promise if you choose Work at Home Solutions as your Independent Business to work under, we won’t let you down. We have the knowledge and experience to get you started on your work at home journey. Your success is our top priority. I am dedicated full time to your success. I no longer service an Arise client myself and I don’t work outside of the home. Our team will be here for you!

If you are currently looking for an IB to work under, I would love to welcome you to our team. We are currently accepting agents! If you would like to join and receive AMAZING support from us, follow the steps below. You do not need to speak with me first however, if you would like to call dial (352)499-1480. If I am not available, please leave a message and I will return your call by the end of the business day.

To join us or make the switch:

  • When you log in to the Arise site enter our FEIN when it asks you for the Independent Business FEIN. It’s 453344922. You may have to click the magnifying glass icon to bring up our name. If you get an error message that the IB with that ID cannot be found try using another internet browser and make sure you are doing this from a computer. Often times trying from a phone or tablet with  give some issues. If that doesn't work you can try our IB ID which is 41204.

  • I will go in an and accept you once I receive the notification. If you would like to text me after you have submitted your request please feel free to do so and we can stay in contact during the admissions process. The phone number to text is 352-499-1480.

  • Once I accept, you then you have to log back in and sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement and Waiver. Please be sure to do this. Without you doing this I can’t proceed. It will say “pending IBO finalization” until you complete this step.

  • Once you are finalized we will send you a welcome email with more information about us. Please make sure you check junk/spam for this email if it doesn’t come to your inbox.

  • Please know that Arise charges a fee to take a class. Please only sign up with Work at Home Solutions if you are serious about wanting to work from home and understand the process.



Disclaimer: We do have a $50 administrative fee should you decide to be released from Work at Home Solutions. From the time an agent joins our IB, we put a lot of work in to helping them get setup with Arise. The release fee is not able to be waived.

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